Sunday, 1 January 2017

How I Hit It Big In 2016—RMD

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How did he break even? How did he clinch the big roles in major blockbuster movies in 2016?
He wrote, “2016 was NOT all glitz, glam and glorious living for me. Early 2016 I activated major projects, made plans, had dreams, set goals, put on my boots ready to hit the ground running but when I hit the ground I DID-NOT-RUN... I did not even jog. For some reason I had disappointments and I let my project gradually fade into the background. I was angry, worked 19 hours a day on occasion, ate too much, became lazy and lethargic, stopped eating healthy, abandoned my gym membership(s), put on weight, okay, put on so much weight.
Terrible, abi? but NO! in the midst of all that God opened doors and made highways. From HUSH to THE WEDDING PARTY, DINNER, GRUDGE, THE THREE WISE MEN and OLOIBIRI God showed me that His ways are NOT my ways.

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