Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Nigerian Bishop gifted new Range Rover 2 days after his Hummer Jeep got burnt (Photos)

“On August 5th 2017, l was washing my Hummer for a great program in Sapele, Delta state, Nigeria. After the program as l was on my way returning home on 8th August 2017, l started noticing serious smoke coming out of the dashboard and bonnet. Immediately l stopped and stepped down to open the bonnet. As my legs touched the ground, the next thing l heard was an explosion from the car that sounded like a bomb, followed by an unquenchable fire. Not even a pin was removed from the car except my phone l was holding when l stepped down. Every other things, including my luggage, wears, shoes, driving licence, money, important documents etc etc were all burnt to ashes with the hummer because everything happened in a twinkling of eyes. If God had not made me step down from the car within that one minute, the rest should have been a history by now. To him alone be the glory and praise. Friends, join me give him all the praises because his words are true. He that keepeth lsreal neither slumber no sleep. Apostle bishop Dr miracle Williams.

Just as all of you are sympathizing with me for my hummer 2 that got burnt, and also praying to God to replace the Hummer with another car, my son l went to preach for, prophet Daniel Ololo the G/S of Omega Proophetic Prayer Ministries Sapele Delta State Nigeria,, just sent me this latest Range sport. Get connected. God is at work. Bishop Dr miracle Williams
My son, Apostle Daniel Ololo, the founder of Omega prophetic prayer ministrie, sapele Delta state, just sent me this range sport now, as a seed in place of my Hummer that burnt to ashes. Get connected. God is at work. Bishop Dr miracle Williams”

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