Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Economic Recession: A Boom in the Business of Nigerian Prostitutes?

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The Nigerian s*x industry is valued at over one billion naira per annum and is a business that always has a way of evolving itself.
In spite of the recession, one business that seems to be enjoying high patronage is prostitution. Rather than dwindle, the business is enjoying a boom, with prostitutes, claiming to be smiling to the banks.
In a chat with a Daily Sun correspondent, some prostitutes revealed that in Lagos, they were still in business because they decided to slash their prices.

Perpetual, a fair complexioned lady from Abia State, who operates at a brothel on Old-Ewu Road in the Mafoluku area of Lagos, told the reporter that the recession had turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her and some others.
Perpetual disclosed further that many men now visited regularly to unleash their frustration through s*x.
“Business is good now. The way these men now come here, you will think that there’s someone somewhere blowing whistle for them,” she said, releasing whiffs of cigarette smoke into the air.
“I have been in this trade for many years, and it was by choice. But now, lots of girls are joining in large numbers because of the bad economic condition. There is no month that we don’t get a new person, coming to join us here. For me, the recession should continue so that I will be smiling to the bank every time.”
Also speaking to a correspondent, a Tricycle operator (Keke Napep driver), when asked if he still got aroused in the face of the biting economic condition in the country, retorted: “Body no be stone!”
He said that the male organs would always carry out their basic duties whenever the need arose, and admitted that the frequency had reduced.
“I don’t play with it o. But you can’t compare it to when things were okay in the country. When I have the urge, I don’t go beyond one round. I need the energy for work,” he noted.
But some others told the reporter that the mere thought of meeting financial obligations could easily kill the libido.
“Does sex put food on the table for your children?” asked Maurice Osobo, a businessman.
“It is a lazy man that makes sex so important. I am not saying men don’t have s*x again.  All I am saying is that no man, under this economic condition will be thinking about s*x when there is need to think of how to make money.”

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