Thursday, 24 April 2014

Popular Runs Babe Stripped And Beaten For Stealing A Brazilian Hair [PHOTO]

Some ladies have dumped their boyfriend just because the guys couldn’t give them N50,000+ to buy the rave of the moment – Brazilian Hair. They don’t even care if their boyfriend’s monthly salary is less than 100k, you must give them the money or “find your level”.
Now see where it has landed this lady.
A source said that she went into a big shop where they sell ladies stuff like a customer. And she bought a regular hair of N3,000. But someone saw her putting something inside her bag when she was at the section where they sample expensive hair.
So, as soon as she paid the N3,000 and stepped out of the shop she was accosted. The big girl denied stealing anything. But guys overpowered her, collected her bag and the expensive Brazilian Hair was right inside her bag. She was beaten and strippéd.

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