Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ola Ogundipe allegedly Dumped Wife and Children to Marry Lagos Big Girl

Ola was among the people prosecuted by the EFCC for fuel subsidy support fund scam. Ola just got married to Lara on May 22 and is yet to divorce his wife, Vivienne.

Vivienne's own words:
"I met Ola in 1995. Dated for 11 years and married for 6yrs. Lara, in 2007, when I left Nigeria to birth of 1st child, started an affair with Ola. Unknown to me, she even visited
with baby gifts upon my return. ( women! We r our greatest enemies). I got pregnant again in 2009. .

Upon my return, 2010, I found out about d affair. Ola denied it, but when I confronted him with proofs, he begged and swore with our children to stop it. Like d average woman, I believed and trusted d man I was married to.
He would usually make frequent trips, as d nature of his business demanded. He called me from Abuja one morning and said he had been living a lie, and that he was tired and was very confused, and that he has been seeing Lara and could no longer keep lying to me. My world literally collapsed. .
From then on he acted strange, d loving father, doting dad, compassionate partner I knew vanished. He started keeping late nights and sometimes wont come home. At this point I had called his parents and mine into this. Today I hear stories like "I knew about them, or it was a plan between him and myself and then it backfired" and I laugh!!
What does Lara want his 4 and 7 year olds to do? Grow up without their father? And she calls herself a woman? If indeed she is in love, this action does not depict love! Olaniran is under bondage!! Cuz his actions are extremely strange. .

How does Olaniran, 43, leave his infants and marry a woman in her 50's and with 2 grown children? Who fathers our own? For d world to know d truth I spoke, for posterity, I spoke, and for my young children who I still innocently protect, I am speaking."

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