Thursday, 30 October 2014

23-year old Nigerian Girl Dies In Bangkok After Attempting Buttock Augmentation[Photo]

Joy Willaims, a 23-year old Nigerian girl has left her families in sorrow after travelling to Bangkok this month for a buttock augmentation without their consent.
Joy travelled to Bangkok with £2000 to have the surgery at SP clinic which turned out to be a success at first, but shortly after that, it turned out that her wounds had already become infected.
She rushed back for a corrective surgery, but sadly Joy died on the operating table. Continue...
Her family has denied ever knowing she travelled to Bangkok and said she was a girl loved by all. Here is what her brother who spoke to Dailymail from Lagos said about her demise;
“We don't really know what went wrong, we only know what is in reports in the media. She was a very nice and caring person.She brought joy to people's lives.She was a beautiful girl, loved by everybody. We will miss her so much.'
He added that family members are planning to visit the country so they could get her corspe.
The doctor who carried out the procedure, Sompob Sansiri, has however been arrested and officials say they have already started investigating the cause of her death.
Though born in Lagos, Joy moved to Thamesmead with her mom in 2007 and had visited Thailand twice before deciding to go for the surgery.

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