Monday, 27 October 2014

‘Virginity’ after sex!

The Niin Batt is a product increasingly popular with Senegalese, especially girls.
The women use to shrink the vagina and find a new virginity.
shrink-vaginaA boost for prostitutes and a boon for men fond feelings crazy. Also called Niin Batt, the product in question is not on the market stalls, and even less in the supermarkets. It is marketed to black in Touba (about 175 km from Dakar).
Some women will purchase and go door to door to meet some clients. From China, Niin Batt which only cost 1,500 CFA francs (2.5 euros), has enabled many girls to find their vaginal youth.
This is the case of this young prostitute, caught by The Observer. "Since I discovered this product, I can not complain. My customers are happy and it suits us. For when man is happy, he is able to empty his pockets to bring you all that is in it. Niin with Batt, men have the feeling of making love to a blank file. Not only is it narrows the gender but also, coitus is easy, " she says.
Some doctors believe that this product can cause cervical cancer of the uterus. Opinion is not shared by the other prostitute who, she says, took care to consult her gynecologist prior to use to send customers to the 7th heaven. For her, pink viscous liquid is safe for consumers.
"This product, we know well. And we use it because it is not prohibited. I would note that we ask the advice of a gynecologist whenever necessary. Personally, I have a gynecologist who follows me and I was not banned this. To tell you that it is not dangerous, "she says before revealing that some of its customers love it. "To tell you that men love this product, I have a client who takes care of call me before you come, just to make sure I have the product with me. This means that Niin Batt suits us. It makes our task especially since we found out. It allows us to have more partners. With thrill it gives to men, they are easily satisfied and can move on to another client, " she says.
Doubtful origin or not, vector or not cancer cervix, Niin Batt is popular in Senegal. Men and women seem to enjoy.

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