Friday, 24 October 2014

Governor Romances 19 Year Old Undergrad

Olayinka Sulaimon a 19 year old girl is in a hot relationship with a Governor who just got sworn into power after he unseated a seating governor in a recent election,shortly after he was sworn in,he gave thanks and said he re-election was ordained by God.
Olayinka met the Gov in November 2013 and has been in serious
relationship with him since then. Before he was sworn in,she was always spotted in his resident and she always travelled to Abuja with him before he was elected as a governor.
Most times Yinka is holed up with the governor in his guest house popularly known as ''Spotless''She was there throughout the inauguration period and might still be there as you read this Unless she has been moved to one of the main houses as is being whispered.
Insiders says she only goes to her mother in Sagamu when the governor releases her to do so.
For now,she has not even started gotten admission into the state University as promised her by the governor and which was what he promised her last year when they met.
For now,Olayinka is the serious side chick and is known by all those close to this particular governor.

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