Sunday, 26 October 2014

89-Year Old pastor that Married More Than One Wife Explains why

 89-year old Primate David Olonade has many wives and he is not afraid to say it. The founder of The Ark of Covenant Church, Aladura spoke with Kayode Falade of Punch on why he married many wives and how he tries to treat them as angels.

How many wives do you have?
I have many wives but now I live with only two.

Why did you marry more than one wife?
I am a man of peace who abhors violence, nagging or bickering. I don’t have time for such things. I see women as fragile vessels. I have never laid my hands on any woman before in my life. I don’t see any reason for a man to beat his wife. I take care of my wives to the best of ability. I even pamper them. I don’t allow my wives to wash my clothes. I see giving clothes to one’s wife to wash as a kind of punishment. As such, I have always had a washer man to do my laundry. But some women being what they are will still misbehave. When a woman becomes uncontrollable under my roof, after many warnings, I invite her people and ask them to take her away.

Why are you not living with all of them?
I am a man who does not like bickering and quarrels. If a woman is getting too quarrelsome or belligerent, I ask her to leave.

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