Monday, 16 February 2015

I Know My Jealous Friend is Behind My Inability To Get Married.

Am 30 years old and still single, I've been to several prayer house and they keep telling me the-same thing, even-though no name was mentioned but the description  that was given to me as the person behind my inability to be married, suit my friend who is currently squatting me in her house, she is the nicest human I've ever met,She confidently told me sometime ago that she doesn't want to marry nor have a child, she is neither a Rev sister nor a nun, but she said she wants to remain like this forever. I don't  have a problem with her, it's her life we are both 30years old and will be 31 this year.
Did i believe what i was told, yes but some post i read on this blog has really built my disbelieve on supernatural powers. Even though am a little bit skeptic,because i was told she visits the native doctor to renew the charm she made for me to stay single as long as she is. continue after the cut.
I don't believe she can plan such evil for me, on a second thought why is she this nice to me? She pays the rent and bills then stuff the house with food without asking for my own contribution. But i just want to move out of her house and start a new fresh life for myself and hoping a good man will come my way.
No i don't believe she is responsible for my inability to be married (but abeg let me move out first). I just want to use this medium to reach out to ladies, please and please stay away from friends who doesn't have plans of getting married or talk about a male life partner, because they will want to have some other friend/s that will remain single as long as they are, perhaps if she is possessed by an evil spirit it might even get to you and turn your head around, then you start speaking in her language.
bye bye.

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