Monday, 19 October 2015

Lady Narrates How A Brother In Church Duped Her, Raped Her & Used The Tape To Blackmail Her

I want you to share my post to help ladies learn & beware of guys who portray themselves as brother in Christ.
The guy whose picture I attached came to me sometime early this year asking for a loan. He said his mother had cancer & was on admission at UCH, Ibadan. He said his father died in 2013 of the same disease. ‎He said since his father's death & his mum's illness, he has been the one taking care of his sisters. He said he needed the money to offset some medical bills.
I told him I was going to take the money from my daughter's account & he promised to pay back by June ending. Fast forward to ‎May. He invited me to his house & when I got there, he raped me.
When June ended & he didn't pay back my loan, I sent an SMS to him in July & he told me never to ask him for the money again or else he would play my sex tape to my Pastors & church members. I just want ladies out there to know that not all church brothers are true Christians.

Below is our message trail:

Bamidele  20/04/15 18:31
Should I send my account number

Me   20/04/15 18:32
Please do

Bamidele  20/04/15 18:45
00017 Bamidele (edited)
Me   20/04/15 18:46
Cool. Tomorrow

Me   21/04/15 07:28
Uncle, e karo. Please don't forget to pay back in 3 months o. Took it from my daughter's. account

Me   21/04/15 11:19
Done. Acknowledge please.‎

Me   07/07/15 19:15
Gd evening. These are my bank details: Whenever you are buoyant enough to pay back the money I lent u. Thanks & God bless u.

Me   10/07/15 15:48
Good day. I sent u an sms on Tuesday which u have not acknowledged. I want to be sure u received it though it's showing delivered here. Do acknowledge. Thanks.

Bamidele  10/07/15 16:25
I didn't borrow any money from you! I told you I was broke and you did help. You can check my text on that

Me   10/07/15 16:54
Really! Please pay back my money. Don't recall giving you money. Please respect urself Bamidele.

Me   10/07/15 16:59
You lie, you beat & now you want to add fraud to your list of vices. I expect you to refund my money by end of this month. You don't to experience my wrath.

Bamidele  10/07/15 17:01
I have my record straight, so am waiting for you

Me   10/07/15 17:06
I'm not as violent & unruly as u. U fight anywhere... As long as u hold on to my money, heaven will remain shut against u. Just wait & watch. I ll so amaze u.

Bamidele  12/07/15 20:23
Please fight back, you gave me money and not borrow, I have the text messages here

Me   12/07/15 20:28
Good. Just watch. what good have u ever done to me to deserve it? No need for ur back. If u run from ur house, be prepared to run frm work too.

Bamidele  12/07/15 20:52

Bamidele   14/07/15 21:475
Please don't send me any message again on this! Do your worst, I have our sex video or what do you think I did . I will play it for‎ your church member. Do you think you can threaten me

‎Bamidele 14/07/15 21:54

Don't worry your pastor will call you to watch it! Am well prepared for you, had long left the church you know me with and PD is well carried along.

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