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My Hubby Loves Seeing My Nude Pictures On The Internet —Maheeda

She started out as a gospel singer, but now claims to be a hip-hop artiste. In this interview with Tribune
Maheeda talks  her unusual ways of life.
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You have been in the news for so many bad reasons lately, are you not bothered?
Well, sometimes, the backlash gets to me, because I’m human, it’s just like a soldier going for a battle, you will be scared, but you have to do what you have to do. Whenever I feel bad, I just have to brace up and tell myself there is no use of sitting down and crying.

Is your hubby not bothered about seeing your nude pictures all over the internet?
He loves it, he always says, ‘oh, so my wife is this sexy’. There was a time he read online that Maheeda is one of the hottest women in Nigeria, he called me and said. ‘can you imagine, I’m married to one of the sexiest women in Nigeria’ and he was happy about it. People are different, but that is my husband’s own way.

What if gets fed up and decides to file for a divorce?
Ahn, Ahn, that’s his luck now, do you know how many men are running after me?

How did you meet your husband?
I met him at a bar where I was working...

And how long have you been married
Just two years.

What about  the competition between yourself and Afrocandy and you both were exchanging nude pictures. Are you both friends?
We have never been friends and I don’t think we are enemies, I don’t know her, I just started hearing about her some months ago and truly, she is not bothering me. I don’t feel threatened by Afrocandy, I just respect her, I first try to study people, and respect them for who they are and what they do, everybody is trying to survive. Just like people don’t like the way I’m trying to survive, no one can question the way she is trying to survive. I’m not competing with her and I respect her hustle.

Your unclad photos, are they publicity stunts or the real you?
You know now, it’s just to get the job done and for my fans to get the full package of what they are paying for.

And then wait for this:
Do you still pray, like when you were a gospel singer?
Of course, I pray to God everyday of my life, it depends on what people see prayer as. Prayer is talking to your father, if you are living with your dad, you know you won’t wait for him to say come to me, no! You talk to him anytime, how much more, God. Making God your friend is the best thing in life, I don’t blame the people judging me because I feed them with what I want them to see and keep the rest to myself, it’s show business you know. If a producer gives me a bad girl scene, I will just act the bad girl scene and go my way, but people should know that I’m not the bad girl you see on the screen, it’s my business, that’s what I do she concluded

Her Husband must be a special kind of man

See her recent picture below:
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