Thursday, 18 June 2015

Couple Caught Having S.x In A Shopping Mall In Australia[Photos]

A randy couple have been caught having sex at a shopping mall in Sydney, Australia on Sunday night. They were however interrupted by two young men who filmed the humiliating incident on their mobile phones.
A middle-aged man wearing a brown jacket and yellow shirt is seen lying on top of a woman with her bottoms around her ankles. Abraham Jniedi and his friend filmed the moment they approached the randy duo with their mobile phones.
Footage shows Mr Jniedi asking: "Mate, what are you doing?" before adding: "Mate, guys, you're in f*****g public you idiot."
The startled man pulls up his trousers and meekly replies: "Pardon me, we got carried away."
Mr Jniedi then suggests the pair go down to the beach instead.
The man replies: "Yeah good idea," before mumbling: "Pardon me, my excuse, I take responsibility... sorry about that."

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